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GoodBards announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Singapore —July 25, 2023—Good Bards Pte Ltd today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with technology advancements.

Good Bards is a cloud-based platform with a seamless integration powered by generative AI and AI powers users to deliver unique customer experiences through hyper-personalization.

Our seamless integration, leveraging the power of generative AI and advanced AI technologies, enables the creation of tailored content, personalized recommendations, and individualized messaging. By leveraging our platform, businesses can achieve unrivaled customer engagement, enhance their competitive advantage, and expedite their speed to market. We aim to shape the future of marketing, commercial strategy, data science, and technology. By combining our expertise with a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we empower businesses to unlock new levels of growth.

NVIDIA Inception will allow Good Bards to facilitate networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners, fostering collaborations vital for business growth. Additionally, such programs often offer funding opportunities and connections to investors, supporting innovative startups. Furthermore, access to software tools and NVIDIA's technical expertise in AI and deep learning can expedite the development and optimization of AI applications. The program will also offer Good Bards the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

"At Good Bards, we believe that innovation thrives in a collaborative ecosystem. NVIDIA Inception opens doors to a world of possibilities, connecting us with visionary entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and valuable partners. Together, we'll cultivate the seeds of innovation, fueling our business growth and accelerating our journey towards AI excellence. With access to cutting-edge software tools and NVIDIA's unparalleled expertise in AI and deep learning, we're poised to redefine possibilities." said Alan Ho, Founder and CEO, Good Bards.

NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every NVIDIA Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support, and technology assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

About Good Bards Pte Ltd Good Bards is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to stand out with hyper-personalization. Good Bards lets users create unparalleled Customer Experiences with the power of Generative AI and advanced AI technologies. Through seamless integration of data and solutions, we empower businesses to differentiate their customer engagements, and leave a lasting impression. Tailor the future of your brand interactions today. Learn more at

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Lynn Tan

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