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How thought leadership can shape customer relationships?

With a career in enterprise software since 1988, Robert Eve has led multinational organizations, crafted successful marketing strategies, and elevated experts to thought leaders in their domains.

Robert sums up the steps to developing a regimen around an effective thought leadership program.

Align your CEO + C-suite messaging with the rest of your customer-facing stories

While you should not be telling your CEO what to do, corporate marketing or corporate communications leads play the role of influencing top executives in aligning their messaging with downstream communications.

Develop complementary capabilities by identifying and appointing next-level leaders

Positioning thought leadership participation as a stretch goal can be an incentive for next-level executives as part of their progression. With more hands on deck, messages supporting sales and marketing conversations are amplified.

Supercharge your program by mapping the right thought leaders along the entire customer journey.

Thought leadership doesn’t start with just building existing customer relationships. By equipping thought leaders with messages catered to different stages of a customer journey, each customer engagement can become more impactful.

Measure thought leadership success with demand

How do you measure success? Through demand generation. Once a thought leader has established his/her reputation amongst customers, prospects and the wider community, demand for participation should increase.

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